Internal regulations of the government and the law in the territory

This Publication sets out faithfully the Internal regulations of the Community Council of the Black Communities of the Alto Guapi result of the collective construction of continuous work and participated during four years of their Communities and support organizations as ASDES, Seeds, Water, WWF and Altropico.
This organized into titles, chapters and articles that describe the structure of government, its administration , the system in its own right, forms of ownership and the use, management, natural resources, their use, management and protection of the black people in the ancestral territory, the reform of the regulation and its implementation.
Each of the structural elements of this regulation is located in a sequential manner that enables one to see the links but also the specificities of each title.



7. THE Preamble

Title 1.
8-30. The structure of government and Administration in the territory

Chapter 1.

8. The principles Fundamentalesen the Community-based Organization

Chapter 2.

13. The role of the community in the decision making

20. Chapter 3.

Of the policies in the territory

27. Chapter 4.

The government of the community in the territory

28. Chapter 5.

Of the ancestral territory of the communities established in the high basin of the rio Guapi

Title II.

31-42. The system in its Own Right in the territory
32. Chapter 1. Own right
33. Chapter 2. "Justice in the territory."
38. Chapter 3. Of behaviour contrary to the life in community, and their punishments

Title III.

43-48. The territory of the community and their forms of ownership

Title IV.

49-62. Of natural resources in the land – Use, management and protection

Title V.

63-71. Of black people in the ancestral territory of the High Guapi

Chapter 1.

64. The protection of children, women and the elderly of the community
66. Chapter 2. The protection of the goods of the community and families
67. Chapter 3. Of education, culture, science and the ancestral knowledge
70. Chapter 4. Of the symbols of the black communities of the Alto Guapi

Title VI.

72-74. Of the reform of the Regulation and its implementation