Sovereignty and food security

Contribution to the improvement of the livelihoods of the communities with areas of forests under sustainable management in the Choco – Darien Colombo – Ecuadorian.

This Publication is the result of the analysis of the experiences of a process of formation of the referents and production projects agricultural conservation developed by the UNIPA (unity of the people AWA) and COCOMACIA (Consejo Comunitario mayor of the Asociación Campesina Integral del Atrato ) with the technical support of the Corporation of Seeds Water to the improvement of food security and food sovereignty in the framework of the project " Forests and territories, Ethnic , supported by the european Union, Oxfam and WWF-Colombia.
Consolidates the results of field of the implementation of productive projects with a focus conservationist based in the collective construction of the concept of food security and food sovereignty that guided the entire process.
Describes the diets based inputs alternative of the farm and the region offered to the animals and their results, the criteria of management, the infrastructure and the economic analysis carried out